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Lost Motorcyclist near Piney Peak

At 7pm on 6/19 we responded to Pine Creek Pass area for a motorcyclist who had become stuck. Teton Search and Rescue as well as Air Idaho helped with the search. He was located with no injuries about 11pm near Piney Peak. Teams walked him out via Fleming canyon.

Overturned Boat at Conant Valley

Just before 8pm we responded to Conant Valley for a boat that had overturned. One person remained unaccounted for in the water. Swan Valley Fire Department and Life Flight also responded. Teams looked in the water for a couple hours until darkness prevented any further search. Crews will return in the morning.

Missing Man Near Byington

We assisted ISP in the search for a man who had jumped off a cliff near the Snake River. It was unknown if he went into the river or was OK. We searched Friday evening and were preparing to search again on Saturday morning when he made contact with family.

Weapon Search

On January 1st and 2nd, approximately 12 SAR team members searched I-15 for a weapon related to a homicide. Teams combed the shoulders south of Idaho Falls on foot, ATV and snowmachine. We appreciated the patience of those who changed lanes to give us extra room.

Boondockers 11 Pow Party

Klim, Powertech and Connections
is throwin' a Winter Party!

Join us Jan 09 Help us eat the Chick-fil-a dinner, win your share of the prizes and
watch Boondockers 11 to raise money for the S&R Teams.


Pow Party and Fundraiser Details

We’re doing a couple different raffle drawings for this Fundraiser. Of course we’ll do the Normal Raffle you’ve come to expect; shirts, hats, stickers, helmets, jackets, hotel stays, gift certificates, movie tickets and SO much more. In addition, we’re doing 2 firearm Poker Raffles again

Friday January 09, 2015 @ The Colonial Theater
…see the map below for directions to the theater

    > Doors Open at 5:00p
        -Show up early, browse and get all the super secret information from the fundraiser’s
         supporters like Klim Technical Riding Gear, Powertech Diesel, Connections Credit Union and others.
    > Chick-Fil-A at 5:30p
        -$2 beer to wash it down and watch Boondockers 11
    > Raffle at 6:30p
        -Get ready for the Party, we’ll start calling names for the normal raffle. Win hats, jackets, videos,
         gift cards and even baskets to several great Idaho Falls companies, including Klim, Kolby Offroad,
         Sportsmans Warehouse, Fly Racing, Wal-Mart, Alphagraphics, Simply Mac, Best Buy and so many more.
    > Boondockers 11 Premier at 7:00p
        -Make sure you’re not too full, you have all your snacks and you’ve taken your heart medicine
         because we have record footage that will give you a heart attack. Never before drops, waterfall gaps,
         bottomless powder and gnarly boondocking will get that adrenaline going.
Purchase your Admission Tickets in advance or at the Door
to the SAR Fundraiser and Boondockers 10 Premier!


If you purchase tickets in advance, keep and bring your receipt/proof of purchase to
the event where you will redeem your receipt(s) for your ticket(s) at the door.



Over 8000 in Raffle Prizes! Win These Raffles!


The Colonial Theater – 450 A Street – Idaho Falls, Idaho 83402

Click On Map For Larger View
The “A” and “B” marker are the same building
The Idaho Falls Arts Council manages this building which house:
The Colonial Theater, The Carr Gallery and The Willard Arts Center



Full Details

3 People Stuck near Brockman Guard Station

On 11/23 at 9:00pm, we responded to the Bone parking lot to locate 3 people who had become stuck in their truck somewhere near Brockman guard station. We were able to locate their cell phone coordinates and send teams directly to them. A hasty team on snowmobiles arrived to assess the situation, followed by a plow and a team with a truck and our amphibious vehicle. We had to tow their truck out as the clutch was inoperable. Heavy drifts made travel very slow and they did not return to the command post until 7am.

Missing Male near Dan Creek

At 4:40pm we began a search for a man who had not been seen for 24 hours. His last known position was somewhere near Dan Creek, southeast of Bone. 6 SAR members and 7 deputies looked for about 2 hours before the subject returned home safely.

Suicidal Male in Idaho Falls

We joined Idaho Falls PD in the search for a man who may have committed suicide and possibly drown in the Snake River. Teams combed the banks and surrounding areas near Snake River Landing, while a boat searched the river with sonar. No sign of him was found and the search may resume in the following days.

Overdue Hunter In The Bone Area

At 4:30pm about 10 SAR personnel responded to the Bone area to look for a trio of hunters who had not returned on time. Bingham County searched earlier in the afternoon with no success. US Forest Service personnel responded as well. The subjects were located aroun 8pm and were unharmed.

Injured Horse Rider on Big Elk Creek

We were called at 5:20pm today to Big Elk Creek to help a woman who had fallen off her horse and become injured. She was located shortly thereafter and was helped to an ambulance, so we were called off at 5:35pm.


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